Employee Assistance Programme

An Employee Assistance Programme, commonly known as an EAP, is an employee support scheme provided by an employer.  
They are used to assist employees with any personal or professional mental health or wellbeing problems, which may have a detrimental impact upon their work or general wellbeing.

Benefits of an EAP

· Improving employee satisfaction and attracting people to work for your organisation

· Improving productivity and employee engagement

· Developing employee and manager competencies in managing poor mental health in the workplace

· Reducing workplace absenteeism and sickness rates

· Reducing workplace accidents

· Reducing employee turnover and employee replacement costs

Mid and North Powys Mind can provide your organisation with a bespoke Employee Assistance Scheme, bringing the benefits of its 30 years experience in mental health services delivery – please see document attached below for further information.  To discuss plan options and prices, please contact Mary Griffiths on 01597 824411 or email mary@mnpmind.org.uk