About us

We are a Mental Health Charity that aims to improve the mental wellbeing for people in Mid and North Powys.


We provide support and learning that enables and empowers people


No-one will be turned away and we will try different ways to reach out to those who need us


We develop our own values and principles


We try out new approaches, aiming to lead the field with new ideas


We respect our members, volunteers, staff and community and their individual needs and beliefs


Internally we listen to our members, volunteers, staff and directors. We evaluate our services, review our polices and practices regularly and respond to needs.  Externally we consult and work with partners to address local or national needs and developments.


We provide a safe and healthy workplace for staff and volunteers. We put policies in place for clarity and protection of staff, volunteers, members and directors. Our services help to keep members safe in a confidential environment.


We are honest and open about our business, our services, our policies and practices.

If you would like to read our strategic plan, please find it Strategic Plan 2020-2025