At Mid and North Powys Mind, we ask that when you use our services that you become a ‘member’ by filling our one of our ‘About Me’ forms with your information. 

This simply means that you have a voice in the way that our services are run; there are many ways you can give us your opinions, including the two Members Days we usually hold each year, the Member’s Surveys we send out each year, the feedback boxes around the Wellbeing Centre or simply by talking to a member of staff. You also have the choice as to whether you would like to have voting rights at our Annual General Meeting.

Becoming a member at Mid & North Powys Mind

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Our membership

What being a Member at Mid and North Powys Mind means:

Every person in Mid and North Powys Mind deserves the right to services that:

Make a positive difference

Change things that are not working

What you can expect from Mid & North Powys Mind:

We work towards enabling and empowering people to live full lives and move forward on their recovery pathway

We will provide facilities, services and activities designed to promote good mental health and wellbeing and to  support recovery, learning and independence

We will increase understanding of mental health, raise awareness and challenge stigma and discrimination

Respect, dignity, empathy and compassion

Our services are guided by individual’s views about what is needed and what helps

We welcome and encourage all feedback on our services

To be listened to and supported

We recognise that mental health services are only part of a person’s recovery

We recognise, respect and support the role of carers, family and friends

We endeavour to communicate with each person in a way that is right for them as an individual

We understand that each person has a unique culture, life experiences and values

We have information available that can support people to make their own decisions and choices, we also offer appropriate signposting informations

We support workers to do their jobs well

We challenge ‘us and them’ attitudes, both within our services and in the wider society

The right to confidentiality.  We will give an explanation of any circumstances in which information will need to be shared with other professionals and/or services

Everyone has full access to Mid & North Powys Mind’s Policy File

We will endeavour to support people in times of crisis

What everyone expects from you:

To treat everyone and the environment with respect

Children are the responsibility of their parents/guardians.  Mid and North Powys Mind provides a service for adults and as such our services may not be an appropriate place for children (see our Children’s Policy)

Not to undertake any illegal activities on Mid and North Powys Mind’s premises

If you are substance dependant the services are open to you, however if you are too intoxicated to engage appropriately you will be asked to leave

Whilst every effort is made to support members in distress, anyone who’s behaviour is considered inappropriate for the service (unable to engage or likely to cause distress to others) will be asked to leave for the day

No alcohol or illegal substances to be brought into Mid and North Powys Mind’s services