If you are interested in planning your own event it can seem daunting at first! Maybe you already have an idea in mind, or maybe you would like some suggestions. Hopefully the information on this page will be helpful.

If you don’t already have an event in mind we have put together some suggestions that you can find below:

Download: A to Z Fundraising Ideas 

Download: Fundraising at Work

Download: Fundraising at School


The most important thing to remember

is to be safe and have fun!

If you need any help with your event you can contact Jennie on 01597 824411 or email admin@mnpmind.org.uk

Got your event in mind but don’t know where to go next…

We understand that putting an event together can be stressful there are lots of things to consider! That’s why we have made these handy guides for you to view or print out to make the process easier for you. Of course if you are still struggling or finding it difficult, please get in contact with us and we will be happy to help!

Download: Tips for first time fundraising

Download: Sponsorship Form 2023

If you’ve got everything planned but you still want some tips, the below document is for you!

Download: Last Minute Tips

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